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Wireless Hotspot Installations

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Q: What is a wireless (Wi-Fi)  hotspot?

A: A Hot-spot, or Hot spot or HotSpot is a venue that offers internet access over a wireless LAN.

The public can use a laptop, WiFi phone, or other suitable portable device to access the wireless connection (usually Wi-Fi) provided. Of the estimated 150 million laptops, 14 million PDAs, and other emerging Wi-Fi devices sold per year for the last few years, most include the Wi-Fi feature.

For venues that have broadband Internet access, offering wireless access is as simple as purchasing one AP, in conjunction with a router and connecting the AP to the Internet connection. A single wireless router combining these functions may suffice.
More Information On WiFi HotSpots.

Application: So, your business is looking to install a wireless hotspot? Maybe an organization or group that needs to have wireless internet available to the public but wants to maintain some sense of security on that network?

Solution: Zio Inc trained technicians can install a wireless hotspot in your business or organtizaion, and provide you with the tools to properly maintain them.

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