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Solar Panel Install Services

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Photovoltaic Solar Systems

In today's economic systems why not build new homes with green energy. Today's homes can be outfitted with Solar Panels designed by multiple companies to not only cool and heat your home but also charge backup batteries to use over 80-90% less energy. It's a reality and it's happening now.

Solar Hot Water Diagram

The diagram to the right shows how solar panels can heat your hot water in your hot water heater. These systems can still be connected to the power grid for backup electrical power, however they can use substantially less power than a regular electric only system.

Fully Integrated Solar Systems

Full integrated meaning that a house like this can save over 50-70% a year on Electricity bills. It really is an efficient home. The picture show to the right is a Sharp model home with solar panel systems built into the design. It saves power in many ways including battery backup power storage so at night when there is no direct sun light you still have backup power. With these home designs the financing can be configured into the price of your home so that you instantly reap the benefits of a solar house.

Designs For The Office

It's true your office can have the full solar savings as well, this office being built to the right is a perfect example of a total life solar transition. 20 years ago solar panels were not strong enough to support realistic use for electricial power transfer. However, today solar panel engineering has taken very large steps into becoming a very realistic alternative energy product.
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