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Network Installation & Security

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Why should my home or business be more informed on Network Security?

Answer 1.A: Network Security is something many companies & home office or residential customers don't understand completely. They rely on the information that comes from networking companies to configure products that shouldn't have been produced for public use in the first place. No worries, that's where Zio Inc comes in; We have used every type of networking equipment possible from the basic home router to Cisco load balanced switches. We know what works, and what doesn’t. With almost every model of all major networking brands (TrendNet, Netgear, D Link, Cisco (Linksys) and others) under our belt we can explain what networking device would best fix or fit your personalized situation.

Answer 1.B: Taking 1.A into consideration, Security is also something we handle at a professional level. Different wireless and wired security measures have been practiced again and again to provide you with the highest level of network security when it comes to WPA, WEP and other wireless security protocols.

Network Installation & Security - Home & Home Office:

Zio provides flat rate inexpensive services to compliment your home or home office. The flat rate includes a TrendNET Wireless N Router and setup with all installations free of charge, and network security software to keep your home or home office systems secure.

**FREE** TrendNet Wireless N Router
**FREE** Networking Security Optimization Software
**FREE** Technical Support & Live Help

Network Installation & Security - Businesses & Offices:

Networks in businesses and offices are typically priced based on the number of systems or routers that a business has. Zio provides support for Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, and Linux based networks as well as CCTV/ Web Based Security Camera Systems.

Assessment Of Area, Walk Through And Placement Mapping
Highest Grade Of Encryption Possible
Security Vulnerability Tools
Research Applications Currently Being Used On The Network To Prevent Attacks

Network Installation & Security - Government & Military Data Centers:

Team up and ship out. Zio Technicians are trained and oriented in working in goverment and military environments when time is key and fixing the problem and networking equipment is mission critical.

Root Hacking Terminal (Zeitgeist Hacker)
Configuring Hardware & Software Firewalls
Exprience With Load Balanced Systems
RackMount Wiring & Installation

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