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No Interest Financing

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Easy and Affordable Payments
There is no interest rate for the customer, lease payments are 15% of the invoice amount per month. Payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer’s account on their paydays. For example: If the invoice amount is $1,000 and the customer is paid bi-weekly, the payment will be $69.23 every payday for 26 payments. If they are paid monthly, they will pay $150 monthly for 12 months. (See matrix on page three for more payment examples).
90 Day Option / 65% Early Buyout Option
Everyone is initially set up on a 12 month contract, however all customers have the option to purchase their lease agreement within 90 days of the delivery date and only pay their $40 initial payment + invoice amount. Approximately 50% of our customers utilize this option and of those, 73% return to purchase additional merchandise within 30 days of their payoff.
If the customer wishes to own the merchandise outright after 90 days but before the end of the 12 months, they may purchase it at 65% of the remaining balance on their lease.
No Credit Check Option

Our No Credit Check program provides you with an alternative option to financing so that you’re not at the mercy of traditional lenders who rely solely on credit scores. Approvals are based on employment, income and checking account activity.

Complete the store application at the end of this packet to see if you qualify.

There are three key things that we look at when qualifying customers:

  • Employment
  • Income
  • Bank Account
We require the applicant has a job and has been at that job for at least six months. We also require the applicant to earn at least $1,000 per month and deposit at least $500 per month into their checking account. The applicant must also have an active checking account for at least three months, and have no “Non Sufficient Funds” or excessive overdrafts in the last 30 days.



Because financial institutions only care about a stupid 3 digit number.

**For Approved Purchases Only.
Does not apply to Web Hosting purchases.

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