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Data Center Information

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The current Zio Network is becoming very complex with physical machinery throughout the globe. We are a first of kind blade server establishment with optimum performance from hand built raw server power. We use military grade blade servers to run our network. We are currently building 46U custom cabinets to accommodate a 100 server cloud network. Some of our other products that require extensive server power such as the Developer Hosting & Cloud Shared & Server Hosting will be available shortly. We see these systems running for a very long time and to maximize your cloud experience we have built 50 HD NAS Servers that will be used as well.


We own and operate our data center in Orlando, Florida so this means we do everything ourselves: installs, monitoring, modifications, reboots. We have full control over our operations and only a fraction of web hosts can offer this peace of mind.

Building Description

  • 12,000 square feet
  • Single-story concrete tilt-wall building
  • Category 5 storm resistant


Facility Security

  • On-site personnel 24x7x365
  • Electronic and physical security
  • Man-trap entry and badge-only access provided by ADT Security
  • Video surveillance


Power Protection

  • 2 X 625KVA Caterpillar Diesel Generators
  • 500KVA Powerware 9315 UPS
  • 2 Battery Strings Providing (15 minutes runtime when fully loaded)
  • 2 X 1,000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Routine System Testing


Connectivity and Bandwidth

  • Level3 Dual Gigabit Internet Backbone
  • TW Telecom Gigabit Internet Backbone
  • Multiple Third-party Carriers
  • Cisco Gigabit Switch Routers
  • Private Network Availability
  • 32 Gigabit Bandwidth Network Capacity


Climate Control

  • Constant 72F/45% humidity precision control
  • Separate cooling zones
  • 237 Tons of total cooling capacity composed of the following:
- 6 X 30 Ton Libert CRAC units
- 1 X 15 Ton Pacakage Air unit
- 1 X 25 Ton Pacakage Air unit
- 1 X 5 Ton Libert CRAC unit
- 1 X 12 Ton Pacakage Air unit


Building Management and Monitoring System

  • Electrical monitoring and environmental controls
  • Under floor water detection system


Fire Supression

  • VESDA smoke detection
  • Fire Suppression System

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