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About Zeitgeist Dark Fibre

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Serving Customers Around The World:

Serving customers in 116 different countries around the world, read on to discover how we protect our customers and their data and work on some very interesting scientific advances. Zio Inc. also know as The Zeitgeist Intelligence Operation is a group of intellectual individuals looking to advance their knowledge in computer sciences across the board. We take on some very interesting tasks and strive for 5 star customer rated support. 

Vulnerability Research Advisory:

I'm sure most people would like to better understand just what a (VRA) is, operating as a Vulnerability Research Advisory we constantly check possible vulnerabilities and security exploits on not just web sites and servers but pretty much every type of operating system that exists today. From Remote Exploits, to Local Exploits, Shellcode & Web Applications. Inside operating systems like Linux, Windows, OSX, Unix and other popular systems.

Government & Military Corporate Contracting:

It's always good to know that you have back up. Zio Inc. is currently working to build a stable technology platform for the United States Government.
We are registered with the Federal Central Contract Registration and we monitor and procure many contracts with the federal government.
We are organized under Zio Federal Systems L.P. - Zio Inc. w/ Duns Number. 

Up & Coming Data Center Projects:

The current Zio Network is becoming very complex with physical machinery throughout the globe. We are a first of kind blade server establishment with optimum performance from hand built raw server power. We use military grade blade servers to run our network. We are currently building 46U custom cabinets to accommodate a 100 server cloud network. Some of our other products that require extensive server power such as the Developer Hosting & Cloud Shared & Server Hosting will be available shortly. We see these systems running for a very long time and to maximize your cloud experience we have built 50 HD NAS Servers that will be used as well.

Chief Executive Officer Profile      

Brad T. Burns

CEO's Blog

Government Platform:

Mr. Burns follows all InQTel projects and works to provide secure platforms for the Central Intelligence Agency to effectively launch programs and ideas inside realistic Linux Environments. Zio Inc. aims to be an ally and provide the necessary technical resources to accomplish large project tasks. With over 5000+ customers in 109 countries growing everyday this is clearly no joke. 

View Customer Count By Country

Scientific Research:

Mr. Burns closely monitors large corporate networks along with being a valuable engineer in many open source projects. Corporate funding is set aside from many monetary advances so that the people working in many open source environments are able to finish their goals.

Among other research projects including CERN Laboratories Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid Amplifier Mr. Burns has several up and coming projects developed for the National Science Foundation & other government organizations such as DARPA.

Background Knowledge:

Mr. Burns has been working as a project manager for 8 years working on projects based entirely in Linux / OSS Environments, his skills have helped many start up companies and web projects achieve their independence in the web based world financially and technically.

WiMax Focus & Integration:

"WiMax is something coming to the future of radio & computer/ARM CPU based sciences. Looking into the future you see a need to be able to install these systems because WiMax is just another word for 4G. Marketing materials use 4G as a description for Mobile-WiMAX and LTE in their current forms. Implementing such networks however is a daunting task. "

Military Background:

With a large family in the military, Mr. Burns studied aeronautics at a young age and is currently focusing on his pilot’s license for Private Plane and Helicopter Operations. He has worked for military bases on the East Coast manging a variety of IT related technologies.

Blackwater & Private Military Involvement:

Mr. Burns currently plans to attend training programs at the United States Training Center also known as Blackwater. At the same time providing a valuable profitable IT infrastructure systems to the XE Services Portfolio.

Industrial Data Center Design & Support:

Mr. Burns currently works as a data center infrastructure designer building scalable data centers to provide industry leading server power. While sourcing many available positions to outsourcing support companies that gather the right people for the right jobs available around the world within minutes.

Black Hat Security Message:

Black Hat Hackers generally are categorized as "evil" or "containing no ethics". Unfortunatley in the computer world cyber attacks are not fixed or governed by ethics. So in reality would you rather have hackers protecting critical government data infastructure or someone who runs an ethics comittee? 

Employee Pre-Requisites:

All employees are to undergo extensive training and certification in the areas they provide support before beginning to work with the customer, as well as monthly assessments and classroom training on new material available. Zio Inc. is allied with CompTIA & other Certification Standards to make sure that all employees are properly trained before working in the field.

CERN LHC Computing Grid:

Uprading the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid is a scientific core Zio Project. Scientific study of the servers systems used and the software used is an ongoing focus.

Zeitgeist Linux Distribution:

Zeitgeist Linux has many core focuses you can read about them in our Central Project Management System.

We do everything ourselves: installs, monitoring, modifications, reboots. We have full control over our operations and only a fraction of web hosts can offer this peace of mind.

Building Description:

  • 12,000 square feet
  • Single-story concrete tilt-wall building
  • Category 5 storm resistant

Facility Security:

  • On-site personnel 24x7x365
  • Electronic and physical security
  • Man-trap entry and badge-only access provided by ADT Security
  • Video surveillance

Power Protection:

  • 2 X 625KVA Caterpillar Diesel Generators
  • 500KVA Powerware 9315 UPS
  • 2 Battery Strings Providing (15 minutes runtime when fully loaded)
  • 2 X 1,000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Routine System Testing

Connectivity and Bandwidth:

  • Level3 Dual Gigabit Internet Backbone
  • TW Telecom Gigabit Internet Backbone
  • Multiple Third-party Carriers
  • Cisco Gigabit Switch Routers
  • Private Network Availability
  • 32 Gigabit Bandwidth Network Capacity

Year New Construction Month
Phase 1
2009 84,000 sf of Data Center Buildings Q3 2009
  6,400 Network Operations Center / Administration / Security Q3 2009
 Phase 2
2010 250,000 sf of Subterranean Data Center Space Jan - Dec
  24,000 sf Visitor/Conference Center Jan - Dec
  50,000 sf of Data Center Buildings Jan - Dec
  50,000 sf Office Space Jan - Dec
  12,000 sf Maintenance Building Jan - Dec
  12,000 sf Vehicle Maintenance Facility Jan - Dec
  Water Storage and Treatment Facility Jan - Dec
  50,000 sf Warehouse Jan - Dec
  Management & Other Infrastructure Jan - Dec
 Phase 3
2011 250,000 sf of Subterranean Data Center Space Jan - Dec
  50,000 sf Conventional Data Center Space Jan - Dec
  100,000 sf Office Space Jan - Dec
  60,000 sf Cafeteria/Meeting facility Jan - Dec
  12,000 sf Medical/Dental/Vision Jan - Dec
 Phase 4
2012 400,000 sf of Subterranean Data Center Space Jan - Dec
  100,000 sf Conventional Data Center Space Jan - Dec
 Phase 5
2013 400,000 sf of Subterranean Data Center Space Jan - Dec
  100,000 sf Conventional Data Center Space Jan - Dec
 Phase 6
2013 400,000 sf of Subterranean Data Center Space Jan - Dec
  100,000 sf Conventional Data Center Space Jan - Dec
 Additional Phases 7 and on will be built out through 2018

Number of Buildings (7) Seven
Building Size Each 12,800 sq ft
Number of Floors 2
Raised Floor Space per Building 10,000 sq ft
Ceiling Height per floor 17 foot ceilings
Raised Floor Height 24 inch Raised Floor Included  but can be raised, lowered or overhead rails as required by tenant specs

Underground Data Center
(Orlando, FL, USA):

(Kentucky FACILITY) Zio Inc.
Underground Data Center
(Stone Mountain Data Plex, KY, USA)

Photos are from 2009, recent photos are unavailable
due to security issues
 if you have a government / corporate
co location request please contact us!

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